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This book of interviews and pictures is dedicated to the small group of survivors of the Transnystria Nazi labor camp. who chose to live in their homes in Mogelov, in the camp area after they were liberated. The funds raised from the sale of this book are sent these elderly, poverty-stricken people to use for fuel, medicine and food. The funds are delivered by the author herself; and put directly into the hands of those survivors. The book also serves as an educational tool in schools where young people need reminders, firsthand, from the actual interviews with the survivors,what cruelty was perpetrated at Transnystria.

The book is written in both English and Russian. 

Six million people were murdered in the Holocaust.
This book is a testament to a small group of survivors
who live in Mogelov. May we never forget. 


gypsy tears bigger format 6-30

A beautifully written and important first novel by Cora Schwartz, based on the true story of her life living with a holocaust survivor. In a magical and haunting style, Ms. Schwartz weaves an intense love story that answers the question asked so many times since her husband s death: What was it really like living with a holocaust survivor? As Ms. Schwartz carries us along in a grand sweep through the old Yugoslavia, Russia and Romania in the 1960s, the depth of her relationship with Rudy becomes a tragic work of art as she allows us a peek into the soul of a holocaust victim in an artful and deeply moving way. The timeliness of this cannot be overstated now when there are those who deny the holocaust happened.



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The story of a Holocaust survivor and the woman who loved him, understood him, and understood his eccentric life as he wrestled with terrible memories.




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