Our Mission

CORA SCHWARTZ had a mission. The result is VOICES FROM MY RETREAT, an endeavor to fulfill the dreams of famous Ukrainian writer, Olga Kobylianska.  We provide a physical space to work in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains in upstate New York, a platform to promote and support Ukrainian women writers as well as coaching and editing services. It is noted our Book Shop will offer mostly ebooks for sale in an effort to avoid the exorbitant rates of shipping a hard-cover book to Ukraine.

Our physical space at MY RETREAT  is appropriate for writers and ‘artists of life’.  If you live in the tri-state area and need a quiet, simple place to work without distraction for a weekend, a week or longer, our Thoreau-like bungalows are for you.  They are reasonably priced and set up in a way that is conducive to the needs of creative souls. The retreat also has a small, free-standing studio on the grounds. It is open to all guests as well as local people who need a place to work for a few hours.

Cora Schwartz’s original mission was, and still is, to fulfill the dream of a famous Ukrainian writer.  Her name is Olga Kobylanskia   and if you want to know more about Cora’s relationship to Olga you can click on Olga’s link above and read the phenomenal, true story of their connection.


Please read about how to order or download Cora’s books as well as other books from American and Ukrainian writers.  There are free downloads and discounted, signed hard-cover books too!   See the link for GYPSY TEARS, LOVING A HOLOCAUST SURVIVOR. 

Cora and Olga’s sincere wish is to provide a place for women to be creative and to make their women and their writing known to the outside world.  Readers who subscribe to this site will experience refreshing material through a Submission Platform focused on increased communication between Ukrainian and American writers. They will be invited to share their short works or excerpts and we hope to hold contests as well. There will be a limit on the number of words in short pieces.  However, we will also invite those with longer pieces/novels to submit first chapters to entice readers who will hopefully ask to see the whole book.

Advertising offering services and opportunities in the writing world will be accepted with the understanding that the current economic situation in Ukraine is being taken into account.  If a reader is interested in advertising  (for example if you are an AGENT or EDITOR here in the USA!)  we hope to hear from you.  As noted above, our Book Shop will be stocked with reasonably priced, hard cover books for USA customers and digital books to those outside the country.

Voices From My Retreat is a labor of love. We will be investing a lot of time and energy in our mission. If you find enjoyment or inspiration here, please do consider helping us along with a donation.  We hope to offer small acceptance payments to those Ukrainian writers who are accepted for publication on this site, as well as occasional contests with stimulating themes.


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