Our Mission

VOICES FROM MY RETREAT is a multi-faceted endeavor that will spark the interests of writers in the United States and Ukraine.  Cora Schwartz’s originating mission was, and still is to fulfill the dream of a famous Ukrainian writer Olga Kobylanskia. Her most sincere wish was to make her women and their writing known to the outside world.  Our audience will experience refreshing material coming from both countries through a Submission Platform focused on increased communication between Ukrainian and American writers who will invited to share their short works or excerpts.

In addition, we are offering physical space at MY RETREAT  to writers and artists needing a quiet, simple place to work without distraction for a weekend, a week or longer. Our Thoreau-like cottages are reasonably priced and set up in a way conducive to the needs of creative souls.

Advertising offering services and opportunities in the writing world will be accepted with the understanding that the current economic situation in Ukraine is being taken into account.  Our Book Shop will be stocked with reasonably priced, hard cover books for USA customers and digital books to those outside the country.  A Chat Room will be open to writers in both countries for an exchange of comments, advice, and encouragement.

Voices From My Retreat is a labor of love. We do invest a lot of time and energy in our mission. If you find enjoyment or inspiration here, please do consider helping us along with a donation.  We hope to offer small acceptance payments to submitting, Ukrainian writers.